About Micro Macro Infinity

Micro Macro Infinity delivers articles on economics, investing, and economics - they're the stuff that confounds markets and the investing public
About Micro Macro Infinity

What is Micro Macro Infinity?

Micro Macro Infinity is a newsletter offering insights into the future of economics, technology and law. The commentaries, articles and content at Micro Macro Infinity can help you sort through the issues that confound the markets and the investing public—always by penetrating and analyzing the most recent topics that may affect our Micro or Macro economies.

Why should I read Micro Macro Infinity?

Micro Macro Infinity offers a prism into the future for readers who risk their capital investing in an uncertain future. It offers the uncomplicated way to get the truth, learn the hard stuff you need to know, and cut the worry about what’s next.

Who is behind Micro Macro Infinity?

Dr. Philip Fischer is the founder of eBooleant Consulting LLC and a member of the Forbes Finance Council. He writes for Micro Macro Infinity, which offers a prism into future economic trends & their impact on financial markets.

He is a transdisciplinary analyst working at the intersection of finance, technology, and law. He explores the ways in which developments in these areas drive our collective decision-making and asset allocations. He offers a unique view of the world and predict its development.

Dr. Fischer was previously the head of Global Fixed Income Research at Bank of America Securities and a member of its Research Investment Council. He was also the head of Municipal Bond Research, and the Global Index System at Bank of America Securities. He has published widely both as an academic and Wall Street professional and been recognized as an All-Star analyst by the Institutional Investor and Smith’s surveys.

Dr. Fischer's expertise in portfolio management ranges from central banks to Ultra High Net Worth Individuals. He has been sought out for economic and market analysis, risk management, presentations, expert witnessing, portfolio monitoring as well as training and teaching.

Dr. Fischer is the author of INVESTING IN MUNICIPAL BONDS−How to Balance Risk and Reward for Success in Today’s Bond Market” (McGraw-Hill, February 2013). It is popular book with bond professionals. Dr. Fischer had the opportunity to use the book for a course on municipals bonds at a major investment bank.

Infrastructure is a long-term interest of Dr. Fischer. See his testimony before Congress on financing alternatives for a national infrastructure program. The full program can be seen on YouTube.

Dr. Fischer started professionally as a chemical engineer immersed in the energy business. It was a heavy dose of math and reality. The reality part was expanded with a JD and the math aspect with a PhD in finance. After a stint in university teaching, he worked in futures and options research on Wall Street and then dove into the complex world of muni bonds, which mixed both of his passions. These days he retains his old interests, delving into financial policy on the one hand and data analysis on the other.

Select Awards

  • Smith’s Research and Institutional Investor Magazine as an All-Star analyst for 10 years
  • Lifetime Achievement Award in Smith’s All-Star Hall of Fame
  • The Municipal Bond Buyers Conference Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Service


Fischer, Philip, Galdi, Philip, Shen, David, Sullivan, Michael, inventors; Merrill Lynch, Co., Inc., assignee. 2010 Mar. 30. Methods for Asset Index Pricing. United States patent US 7,689,493 B1.


Masters, 1977; PhD in Finance, 1979

Juris Doctor,1975

BSChE, 1970


  • Python for Managers (Online), Columbia Business School Executive Education/Emeritus, July - August 2020
  • Python for Data Science Bootcamp, Noble Desktop, June 2020
  • Learn Python, One Month, July 2020